Indices Trading

Take your trading global, investing in indices from across the world, including the German DAX 30,  the American Dow Jones, the British FTSE 100, the Japanese NIKKEI 225, the Hong Kong Hang Seng, and more.

Benefit from generous trading terms and instant execution, in a rapidly shifting financial landscape, as you trade a single index or multiple stock exchanges at once.

An index is essentially a list of stocks, representing a particular market, or a portion of it.  Each index serves as a statistical measure of changes in a securities market, and investors turn to indices to monitor the performance of the stock market, and trade on its movements.

Fluctuations in the price of an index represent a proportional change in the portfolio of stocks that make up the index.  For instance, the American Dow Jones presents a portfolio of 30 large publicly owned US companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. As a price weighted index, the stocks with higher prices have a greater weight and therefore have more of an impact on the Dow’s performance.

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Access the 10 most liquid world Stock Exchange Indices

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Hedge your currency trading risk by taking an Indices position

Whatever your market of choice, the correlation between FX markets and stock indices is powerful. Enhance your trading capabilities and improve your trading success rate by gaining exposure to these markets.

UP TO 1:500 Leverage on Forex Trading

Contract Platform Symbol Type Volume Value/per tick E.g for tick value per tick Max. Leverage Min. volume Max. volume

SPI200 CFD 1 AUD$1 6231 – > 6232 1:500 1 500

FTSE 100
FTSE100 CFD 1 GBP1 4652 – >4653 1:500 1 500

DAX30 CFD 1 EUR1 5217 – > 5218 1:500 1 500

ES35 CFD 1 EUR1 8956->8957 1:500 1 500

ITA40 CFD 1 EUR1 19113->19114 1:500 1 500

Dow Jones 30
DJ30 CFD 1 USD$1 12370 – > 12371 1:500 1 500

SP500 CFD 1 USD$1 1262.5 – > 1263.5 1:500 1 500

Nikkei 225
Nikkei225 CFD Asia 50 JPY50 3472 – > 3473 1:500 50 20000

China A50 Index
CHINA50 CFD 1 USD$1.00 12700 – > 12701 1:500 1 5

Hang Seng Index
HSI CFD 1 HKD$1.00 27000 – > 27001 1:500 1 500

Euro Stoxx 50 Index
EU50 CFD 1 EUR 1 3482->3483 1:500 1 500

Nasdaq 100 Index
NAS100 CFD 1 USD 1 5427->5428 $25 1 500

USD Index (Futures)
USDX CFD 1 USD 1 100.01->100.02 1:500 1 500

Volatility Index (Futures)
VIX CFD 1 USD 1 14.001->14.002 1:500 1 500

France 40 
FRA40 CFD 1 USD 1 5192.8->5193.8 1:500 1 500


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